Temporarily closure of Islamic Finance Gallery

The Islamic Finance Gallery, located at Level 1, will be closed temporarily for enhancement of exhibit.

In the meantime, visitors are also welcome to visit other galleries in the Museum which will remain open to the public.
The Children's Gallery, Economics Gallery, Bank Negara Malaysia Gallery and Numismatics Gallery are open to be explored through their interactive exhibits.
The Art Gallery presents a stunning display on Level 3, titled ‘60 Koleksi Bank Negara Malaysia’ that features 60 local artworks of different genres and mediums acquired from as early as the 1960s.

Enjoy your visit!

Islamic Finance Gallery

Gallery Info

Explore early Islamic concepts of commerce and finance, which began in the Middle East, extended to Europe and now influence the entire world. Partnerships, corporations and paper cheques are just some of the innovations that have been developed over the past thousand years.

Main Attractions

  • Interactive Globe
  • Early Civilization Islamic Trade Route