Yusof Ghani
Breath of Life

Breath of Life
11.11.2014 - 31.03.2015

Ombak is about waves. Like every wave, the contents of this exhibition represent irresistible movement. Everything about Yusof Ghani’s life is a journey, literally and metaphorically. He is a tireless traveller in the real world, as well as in his imagination. A more complete picture of this enigmatic artist is presented than ever before with Ombak, which is not only the title of his latest series but also a survey of what has come before.

The early works in this exhibition show the artist’s questing nature with series such as Tari, Topeng, Wayang, Segerak, Hijau, Biring and Wajah. He has always been an artist with a message. The message has changed over the years, but the feelings behind the paintings are as strong and visible as ever.

Ombak the series represents the most recent three phases of his journey, namely: destruction, humanity and awakening. This series brings us back to his roots in abstract expressionism. By travelling the world he has become a citizen of that larger entity. His waves know no boundaries. By tracing his progress over 20 years, the viewer can see the untamed creator staying true to his path. Like the waves of Asia’s devastating tsunamis, his reach is far.

Yusof Ghani is among the most respected – and enigmatic – Malaysian artists. A more complete picture than ever before is presented with ‘Ombak’, which is not only the title of his latest series but also a survey of what has come before. All in one exhibition. By tracking his progress over eight different series, the viewer can see the untamed traveller staying true to his path.

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Oil on canvas
142 x 163 cm