Knowing Nusantara

Knowing Nusantara: Money that Made the Region
26 August – 26 December 2014

Knowing Nusantara: Money that Made the Region is an innovative exhibition that explores the fascinating history of the Malay Archipelago through currency-related objects. Featuring money produced locally and from other parts of the world, Nusantara’s development is explained by connections that began in distant regions such as Rome and Persia and continued with early kingdoms of the Malay Archipelago, accompanied by the expansion of trade, exploration and colonisation, culminating with independence. A special section on items salvaged from shipwrecks allows visitors to view the important record of what has been reclaimed from the sea. The exhibition focuses on the history of Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei, and their longstanding links with every continent in the world, while providing a chance to encounter rarely seen examples of money that made the region.

Temporary Exhibition Gallery, Level 2
Admission is free