Works on Paper

Art Inside the Wallet

From 4 August 2016 Until 30 November 2016

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Works on Paper: Art Inside the Wallet
This exhibition takes a new look at old subject matter. Banknotes have existed for centuries and are often masterpieces of design, with the added ingenuity of security features. Works on Paper: Art Inside the Wallet highlights the artistry of these miniature marvels and the practical challenges of the banks that issue them. It is a chance to enter a world that is usually unappreciated and unseen inside our wallets.

Although they are usually unseen, banknotes have much in common with works of art. Both categories of ‘works on paper’ are filled with thought and creativity. They are usually crafted from quality materials, and are finished with a signature and sometimes a date. Although the size of a banknote doesn’t conform to the typical canvas, there are countless examples of art that is made in equally intimate dimensions.

Bank Negara Malaysia has never been left behind in the quest to produce banknotes of distinction. The most recent series is as colourful and innovative as any in circulation. Malaysia has not ignored the highest priority of all. The paramount importance of security brings an additional dimension to the work of the designers, printers and banks that collaborate to produce even the most basic of banknotes. The purpose of this exhibition is to welcome you into that largely hidden world.

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