Financial LATeracy is a collection of more than 150 distinctive caricatures by Datuk Mohammad Nor Khalid, better known as Lat, featured in 14 series of Buku Wang Saku or Pocket Money Book. Since 1999, fifteen million copies of Buku Wang Saku have been circulated to school children to inculcate prudent money management from a young age.

Exhibition Sections
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Buku Wang Saku

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Financial LATeracy Exhibition Sections

Section 1 : Buku Wang Saku

The Buku Wang SakuĀ¹ or Pocket Money Book initiative was introduced as part of the national savings campaign launched in 1996 in an effort to nurture Malaysians to be financially savvy by providing a foundation for financial education to be introduced to young Malaysians in schools. The book aims to encourage school children to plan and manage their daily expenditure so that limited resources are used effectively and efficiently. The book features powerful messages on the importance of financial management amongst school children supported by distinctive caricatures by Datuk Lat. The book contains relevant money management topics such as seing financial goals, spending prudently, cultivating good credit culture and other useful tips in simple language and format with the objective of enriching children's experience in money management. Since 1999, fieen million copies of Buku Wang Saku have been circulated to school children.

Section 2 : Plan your Finances

Planning your finances is an important step for anyone who wants a comfortable and prosperous future life. However, many people fail to plan or leave it too late, resulting in financial disappointment or difficulty. The sooner we start, the more time and flexibility we will have to aain the financial goals we have set for ourselves. Therefore, start early with the commitment to managing your finances to help achieve your goals. Good financial planning needs to have both clear goals and practical financial strategies.

Section 3 : Be a Smart Consumer

It is important to be a smart consumer to avoid being over indebted or duped by get-rich-quick schemes and other financial frauds. Practices like depending on loans to meet expenses are unhealthy. If you are not careful, your debts will multiply beyond control. Similarly, if you have excess money, you need to be prudent in your investments. Always invest with authorised financial institutions to make sure your investment is safe and legal.

Section 3 : Manage Your Finances

Good personal financial management if practised from a young age will be able to provide comfort for life. It begins with the prudent management of your income. Your success in achieving financial goals does not rely solely on the amount of income you received but how you manage the income. An important step to be taken is to create a budget to help you plan and control spending. Make smart shopping decisions by identifying your needs and wants. By practising good money management, you will always have extra money. The next wise step you can take is to save or invest the money in financial institutions for future needs.

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